Sunday Style: Valentines

the artyologist- image of vintage grey leather coat with silver fox collar

the artyologist- image of valentine's day outfit of floral skirt, pink lace peasant blouse and vintage leather and fur coat

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When contemplating what to wear on Sunday, which happily this year coincides with Valentine’s, I realized that I do not own very much red or pink clothing. Actually this blouse represents the sum total of garments that I own in those shades. (This obviously means that my wardrobe is seriously lacking, and should be remedied as soon as possible.) So, this top was the “only” choice for what to wear.

the artyologist- imag of valentine's outfit consisting of a floral skirt and pink lace blouse

the artyologist- image of grey vintage leather coat and fur collar

However, the only problem was that this blouse started out as one of those horrible peasant style blouses with an elasticized hem that, instead of falling on the waistline, falls on the hip. As all women know, it is obviously a very flattering silhouette to have a loose, and pouffy top end on the widest part of your body. I decided that the top was worth trying to save though, so earlier this week, I removed the elasticized part and re-smocked it with new elastic at my natural waistline. Fortunately it was a quick fix, taking me only about an hour to do, and the end result is a comfortable and flattering top, that I can easily wear over or tucked in to skirts.

I paired the skirt with my new favourite black floral skirt. I was searching for the longest time for a long 90’s floral skirt- the kind that are prolific in thrift stores- right up until the time I decided that I would like to get one, in which case they suddenly became extinct. So, when I came across this cotton, I decided to sew one up myself. Long skirts are just so fun to wear.

The floral paired perfectly with the pink lace and couldn’t be more Valentine’s appropriate if it tried.

the artyologist- image of black mary jane miz mooz shoes

the artyologist- image of pink lace shirt and vintage grey leather coat with a fur collar

Hope your Valentine’s Day was sweet, however you chose to spend it!

the artyologist- image of vintage leather coat with fur collar

Barbie and Me

the artyologist- image of barbie and me vintage barbie photoshoot

Once we realized that Barbie and I have almost the same sunglasses, it was just too good of an opportunity not to pull out the sundress, and the bright lipstick and the large plastic jewelry. Can Barbie be one of my fashion icons?

the artyologist- image of the retro barbie with an antiqued effect

Sunday Style, and New Polka Dot Tights

the artyologist - image of vintage 1940's style outfit with wool grey skirt, polka dot tights and feathered hat

The weather was so nice this weekend, that it was the perfect opportunity to wear this lightweight velvet blazer of mine, since I didn’t have to wear a coat over it. You can see in the photo above that it was a bit windy though- the feathers in my hat are blowing all over the place!

The colour scheme for my outfit came from the hat- a cream wool cap topped with black and white feathers, and kind of went from there. Sometimes hats can kind of be an afterthought, but often I find when I choose accessories- such as my jacket, shoes or hat first, the rest of the outfit comes together a bit more easily and more coordinated.

the artyologist - image of vintage 1940's style outfit with silk scarf, velvet jacket and feathered hat

the artyologist - image of vintage 1940's style outfit with wool grey skirt, velvet jacket and cream clutch

I just ordered these seamed polka-dot tights from What Katie Did, and this was my first time wearing them. I love the quality of their lingerie. Did you know that their stockings and tights are knitted on one of the few vintage knitting machines left in Italy that were used after WWII? These polka dot tights were lovely to wear and added a bit of fun to my outfit, although it is always tricky getting the seams straight!

the artyologist - image of vintage 1940's style outfit with wool grey skirt, what katie did polka dot tights , and suede shoes

Well, I was glad for this chance to wear a lighter outfit, since the temperature will drop again and we’ll be back to warm winter coats!

the artyologist - image of vintage 1940's style outfit with wool grey skirt, what katie did polka dot tights and feathered hat

Vintage Astra Fur

the artyologist- vintage 1967 astra fur coat with real fur collar

I don’t own very much vintage; most of what I wear is reproduction I have made myself, but I do have a few real vintage pieces. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be this Astra Fur 1967 faux astrakhan fur coat with a real fur collar, which I wore in my last post.

the artyologist- vintage 1967 astra fur coat with real fur collar full length picture

I found it for a song at a Goodwill thrift store a few years ago, in surprisingly good shape. The black dot on the left side of the collar is actually a button- there is a buttonhole on the other side of the collar.

So, why is this coat my favourite? Not only because it is fabulous 🙂 but because I found an advertisement for this exact coat in a magazine called “Woman and Home” from 1967. (Were you wondering how I could date it so precisely?) It’s always neat when you find original advertisements, and especially when it is for something that you own!


astra fur advertisement for vintage astrakhan coat with fur collar


the artyologist- image of Astra Furs Paris label inside vintage astrakhan coat