“Slow” fashion & lifestyle with a vintage sensibility.

Hello and welcome! I’m Nicole and I’m so glad you’ve stopped in. So, what is “The Artyologist”? Well, it’s a play on words, (archaeologist) which pretty much sums up both my love for enjoying and creating art, and my love for eras past.

I have always loved fashion and I like to mix my interest in historical and vintage fashions with modern styles. I love history, and even more specifically the history of fashion; finding out where our clothing evolved from and also how to incorporate historical touches into outfits today. I also believe that ethical and responsible fashion is the only option, and I mainly create my own “slow fashion” garments, shop second hand, or buy fair trade items whenever I can.

I also like to make things, whether it’s artwork or handicrafts. Through the years I’ve dabbled in nature photography, watercolour painting, sewing, embroidery, ribbon flowers and millinery and tons of other creative pursuits.

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I also love homemaking and decorating, I like to host parties and use the fancy dishes, I love to read, and I live for tea. (The kettle is always on!) I have always been interested in sustainable living (thanks mom!) and in the past few years have evolved to live as much of an old fashioned, zero-waste lifestyle as I can.


I live in Alberta, Canada, am saved by the grace of Christ who loved me first, and this blog is my creative outlet, where I share my projects and stuff I’ve learned. I’m glad for the chance to share it with you!

If you would like to get in contact with me, you can either leave me a comment, as I read and appreciate each and every one, or feel free to send me an email.

And, if you are interested in collaborating, or talking to me about ethical fashion, vintage style, refashioning and sewing, or art and creativity, I’d love to hear from you!

You can reach me at: nicole (at) theartyologist (dot) com