An Everyday Style

the artyologist- image of a 1940's vintage everyday look with a trenchcoat, rayon dress and beret

The 1940’s is one of the easiest era’s to wear everyday.

When I used to work in a hardware store, I consistently wore early 1940’s style clothing, so I could get that vintage look without the delicate fussiness of the 30’s and 50’s getting in my way. I think this style is so easy to wear, because the workwear of the war years was designed to be hardwearing, simple, and not get in the way of your work- whether it was efficiently typing out reports, planting a victory garden or welding together a ship! There was a war to win, and it was not the time to fuss about full ruffled petticoat!

So, for day to day, 1940’s it is.

This is a mildly vintage 40’s casual look I wore the other day to town. I say mildly vintage because none of it is actually vintage, but is inspired by, and makes me feel like I am in the era:  A printed rayon dress I got at a flea market, which started out as a ghastly 90’s housedress, transformed with some darts and shorter hem (make do and mend?), layered with a puffed sleeve cardigan (for the strong shouldered 40’s silhouette), a utilitarian trench coat, a no nonsense cross body purse (it reminds me of a binocular case, which are perhaps needed to spot enemy invasion), low heeled boots for ease of walking, and a leopard print beret (the requisite winter toque, but with a bit more flair).

the artyologist- 1940's inspired leopard beret and yellow scarf

the artyologist- image of a 1940's inspired everyday look with leopard hat, floral rayon dress and cardigan

Practicing the fierce model look.

the artyologist- image of an everyday 1940's look floral rayon dress

the artyologist- image of a 1940's inspired everyday vintage look with leopard print beret

Please excuse the lint. I think it came from the scarf. 🙁

the artyologist- image of a vera pelle italy binocular case shaped purse

the artyologist- 1940's inspired look leopard beret