Beautiful Books & Lilac Bouquets | Anne’s House of Dreams First Edition

cover of the 1917 copy of Anne's House of Dreams book surrounded with lilac blooms

I love old books. There is just something beautiful about them. Not only have the stories survived through the years and hopefully brought much pleasure to many readers, but the books themselves have become an object of interest outside of the story held within their pages. If you want to read the story Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery, you can pick up a paperback copy at your local bookstore or borrow an e-book for your e-reader. However, it’s a completely different experience opening the cover of a book that was held over 100 years ago by someone also eager to read about Anne’s next adventures.

anne's house of dreams 1917 first edition book open on a table with cup of tea and a bouquet of lilacs beside it

I’ve never thought particularly much about collecting books. By that I mean, seeking out copies of specific books. I’ve always picked up pretty books at thrift stores and the like, but most of them are not my well loved favourite stories. I have a friend who collects the Anne of Green Gables series. She owns a first edition of Anne’s House of Dreams, (and another in the series, but I can’t remember which) so when I saw a listing on Poshmark for a 1917 first edition, it made me think of her. I was in love with the cover of this book, and then the more I thought about it, I realized that it made me think of…me. Why couldn’t I begin a collection of antique, or at least old, copies of the stories I love? I thought about it over a few weeks, periodically clicking on the listing and admiring it, and then when I saw that the seller was closing their closet and accepting offers, I made an offer and purchased the first of my very own collection of L.M. Montgomery books.

So, of course a photoshoot with perfectly coordinated lilac blooms and the ubiquitous cup of tea was required. There are a lot of photos, but the lilacs were just so beautiful this year that I had to keep taking photos.

anne's house of dreams 1917 book sitting on a table with a teacup and a vase with lilacs beside it

white vase with a lilac bouquet in it sitting on a chair and an antique book sitting beside it

top view of the first edition of Anne's House of Dreams by L.M.Montgomery

a gold and white teacup beside a lilac bouquet

a white and gold teacup surrounded by purple lilac blooms

anne's house of dreams first edition book sitting on a table with lilacs and a cup of tea beside it

a gold and white teacup and the cover of Anne's House of Dreams from 1917

Anne's House of Dreams first edition book with a purple cover beside a cup of tea and a bouquet of lilacs

multi shades of purple and white lilacs in a bouquet