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Social Saturday | January 13 (Winter at Last)

frosted trees arching over a grassy path

I think that Winter is making up for lost time! After such a warm November and December, we finally got a bit of snow last week and then this week a cold snap with temperatures in the low minus 30’s (celsius). While I’m not enjoying the cold as much, I am loving the beautiful frost!

row of pine, poplar and spruce trees coated in frost on a foggy winter day

I know this blog sometimes seems like just a record of frosty trees, but it was so beautiful I had to snap some photos while out for a walk on several days. I don’t usually get photos like this in the Winter because there are snow drifts blocking me from walking anywhere but the road, so it was nice to be able to walk among the trees and enjoy the winter scenery from that vantage point.

fog and frosty trees surrounding a gravel country road

sunrise shining pink against the blue sky through the bare frosted tree branches

frost on a metal shed and gas tank on a cold winter day

frost on a metal shed and trees with the sun shining across it on a winter day

frosty pine and spruce branches with fog surrounding them

frost covering elm branches arching over a grassy path

Merry Christmas

a ten foot christmas tree decorated and lit up at night

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.

Signing off for now, and I’ll see you again in 2024,

🖤 Nicole

ps. I also would like to to share a newly discovered Christmas hymn which I have been quite enjoying these past few weeks. You can listen to it here, and here are some of the verses below.

O Savior of our fallen race, O Brightness of the Father’s face,

O Son who shared the Father’s might, Before the world knew day or night,

O Jesus, very Light of light, Our constant star in sin’s deep night:

Now hear the prayers Your people pray, Throughout the world this holy day.


Remind us Lord of life and grace, How once, to save our fallen race,

You put our human vesture on, And came to us as Mary’s son.

Today, as year by year its light, Brings to our world a promise bright

One precious truth outshines the sun:, Salvation comes from You alone.



Social Saturday | December 16 (Christmas Crafting)

mini handmade book ornament with a plaid cover and red ribbon hanging in the christmas tree

Is everyone in the Christmas spirit yet? I wasn’t really feeling like it this year, because we’ve had unusually warm weather and no snow, but when the calendar turned over to December, I decided to start making some Christmas crafts to put me in the mood and it worked! I’m hoping to share my Christmas decorating next week, but today I wanted to share some of the crafts I’ve been making over the past few weeks.

First up, I decided to make my own Christmas crackers for a party my mom and I hosted. All of the crackers at the store had stupid prizes that no one would want (and would honestly just end up getting tossed in the trash) so I decided to craft my own with things that people would actually want! I settled on making ornaments. Originally I was going to do several kinds of ornaments: mini trees, and toques and stockings and some of these books, above. However, after I made a couple of these book ornaments, (each with different fabrics for the covers) I decided I had to make one for each cracker, because they were just so cute. That may have been an error of judgement, because they took soooo long to make (11 books in total!) but I loved how they turned out and they were a big hit at the party.

homemade christmas crackers with stamped kraft paper and red ribbons, and a mini stocking made of green toile with lace at the top

Here are what the aforementioned crackers looked like! I bought the “snaps” from this shop on Etsy. I also was inspired to sew a tiny stocking after seeing the stocking advent calendar Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone put up. I just made one for now, but I might make more later on.

folded paper stars and an embroidered felt gingerbread ornament

We also made some more paper stars! I made a few different kinds this year, and I really like how these turned out. We followed this tutorial, but added another piece to make it a six pointed star. I also made this sweet little felt gingerbread ornament for a friend. I would definitely like to make some more in the future as well.

cardboard quilled paper stars/snowflakes painted gold and hanging in a window at night

Finally, my favourite crafts of the year, are some quilled style cardboard snowflakes or stars. To make them, you simply fold a cardboard tube lengthwise and cut it into strips about 3/8″ wide, like this. With these small pieces you can fold them and arrange them into many different star shapes. I made some of these a few years ago with toilet paper tubes, but painted them each individually white, which took forever to do. I didn’t love the look of the plain cardboard colour, because the colour of the tubes I had wasn’t kraft coloured. However, this year I had the idea to spray paint them gold and I love how they turned out. The look like brass, not cardboard, and using spray paint was so much easier than painting them each with a brush.

So those are the things I have been enjoying over the past few weeks. Next week our plan is to do some Christmas baking, which will really bring on the holiday cheer!

Have you made any Christmas crafts yourself this year? Have you tried any of these ones? 

Social Saturday | December 2

view of a bare tree on a foggy moody november day

Welcome to December, dear Reader!

Lately I’ve been…

Thankful For: A long warm fall. It’s strange to have come this far in the season without snow, but I’m enjoying these warmer days.

stack of secondhand books

Reading: I have come across so many good second hand books lately- books have definitely been my spending weakness this year! I found Absent in the Spring by Mary Westmacott, which was Agatha Christie’s pen name for her books outside of the murder mystery genre. I liked this one, though the cover description didn’t reflect the story at all! The version I got was published in the 1970’s (the story takes place in the 1930’s) and they made it sound like an adventure and romance. It was not like that at all; it was more of an introspective, psychological story. I like Agatha Christie’s writing, so it was fun to read something different than a murder mystery.

I also found a copy of The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees! I’ve been wanting to get this book for years and was so happy to find it second hand. (At this shop “Found Goods” in Innisfree, AB– if you are ever in the area, definitely check it out!) This book is the one that jumpstarted my own closet refresh and overhaul over the past several years. If you are struggling with your wardrobe, I recommend this one.

felted elf style baby bonnet and matching boots with toadstools embroidered on the side

Loving: Baby clothes. I have a nephew now, so I’ve been sewing some things and buying others. It’s nice to have a reason to make baby items. This felted elf bonnet and matching boots are one of the cutest things I’ve ever made.

vintage artwork bookplates and book page ornaments

Crafting: Christmas ornaments! It’s December now, so that means it’s time to decorate. This year I’ve been trying out some folded paper ornaments of different styles. These stars are very easy to make and you can follow the tutorial here. (Ps. Don’t worry- I only craft with books that have been damaged and are no longer readable!) If you’ve been thinking of Christmas crafting, then here are some of the other ornament ideas I came across on Pinterest. (and some other craft ideas in there too!)

The other thing I’ve been making is bookplates. I had a lot of fun designing these with vintage artwork, and have added them to my Poshmark shop.

Well, that’s what I have been busy with lately. I wish you a lovely start to your December!

Social Saturday | September 9

bowl of tomatoes from the garden

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s been a while since I posted, except for the duckling photos last week, so here’s some of the things I have been up to this summer…

photo art cards and baby felt mary jane shoes

  • Years ago I printed a bunch of my flowers and scenery photos, but didn’t really want to have an album full of them. So, I stamped and punched and stitched them, turning them into cards and postcards. It was the perfect way to use them!
  • I also made yet another pair of baby shoes, for another newborn in our church. Baby shoes are so hard to make because they are so tiny, but so easy to make because they don’t take very long from start to finish!

new and old water bottles and harvest apples

  • After about 12 years of using my old water bottle, it was finally time to get a new one. It looked like it had gone through a war, and the paint was flaking off around the top, which didn’t seem particularly healthy, so I got a new one with a stainless steel top edge. It’s also insulated, and has been so nice for keeping my water cool during the hot months! Anyways, I just wanted to share because I thought that my old one was a good example of “Use it up… Wear it out… Make it do… Or do without!” #zerowaste
  • I’m not sure what variety of apples these are, but we picked quite a few and froze them to use for baking this winter.

bible covered in black and pink floral and tan gingham fabric with a yellow ribbon and patterned endpapers

  • My Bible had seen better days, and the cover was falling off, so I decoupaged it with fabric and put in new endpapers. Not professionally done, by any means, but it was fun to do, and now my Bible is hopefully ready for the next 10 years.

a cream coloured tote bag hanging on a closet doorknob and a green and cream floral quilt on an antique bed with lace pillow shams

  • I sewed a new little tote bag. It’s just a simple bag without any gussets, and is perfect for rolling up to tuck into my purse for a day out shopping.
  • I got a new quilt for my bed. I loved the one that I made out of vintage sheets, but because it wasn’t 100% cotton, I found that I often overheated during the night. I was originally looking for a white quilt, but couldn’t find anything in a soft white. When my mom found this green and cream floral one by Laura Ashley, I knew it was the one!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few months. I didn’t plan to take a break over the summer; it just kind of happened, but I’m planning to blog more this season. I hope you are all doing well, and have a great weekend!

❤︎ Nicole