A Feather in My Cap

city slicker, the artyologist, feature

So, I was going to write this whole post about changing style, and how your style evolves with your circumstances and how my style is going through a bit of change lately… but I am just having no luck with any of that, and as this post was originally planned for yesterday, how about I just skip all that, and show you some pictures instead?

city slicker, the artyologist, store sign with homesewn green cape

The story behind these photos is that I wanted to do some photos by this brick wall, because this store, which is over 100 years old is closing. It was a family business and no one wanted to run it any more, so they made the decision to close the store. I don’t know what is going to happen to the building, and whether the sign will be painted over. I hope that the sign will be left up, for historical interest, but in the event that it is painted over- I wanted to get some photos first! I have been wanting to get these photos for the past month, but nothing was working. And then on Sunday, I wore my green cape to church, and my new hat, and I kidnapped my sister and made her come and take some pictures- and everything just worked out perfectly.

Sorry there are so many photos- I had a hard time choosing what to share! I’m pretty amazed that we got these photos, actually, since this is the first time I have done such a public photo shoot, and I was a bit nervous about it. Usually we are in the middle of a field, or we find a quiet corner, where no one is around, but for these, we were on the corner of an intersection, and vehicles were driving by and people walking by and wondering why on earth there was a crazy person running about, dressed in a cape and hat, with their own personal photographer! I was glad it was a Sunday afternoon, though, as it was fairly quiet compared to a weekday. 🙂

city slicker, the artyologist, green wool cape

As far as the outfit goes- this is pretty representative of what I am leaning towards lately for colour schemes and styles- earth tones, 40s inspired, and a bit more pared down, or on the practical side. As for outfit details- I made the cape last winter out of thrifted wool, the hat was a wonderful thrift find this summer, the dress is a secondhand Indian tunic which I turned into a shift dress. (I am not sure if the proper term is Kameez or Kurti- does anyone know?) I love the pattern of the fabric, but it is 100% polyester, which is a killer to wear, hence why I only wear it in the cooler months! And my purse, is the same old trusty one I purchased a few months ago from Top Vintage. So, I guess that is all I have to say about this- I said I had nothing to say, and here I am at 500 words already. 😉

Have you ever done a public photoshoot- or do you try to find out of the way corners, like me? What outfit choices are you feeling drawn to for Fall?

city slicker, the artyologist, vintage style shoes and purse

city slicker, the artyologist, sitting on bench

city slicker, the artyologist, vintage style cape

city slicker, the artyologist, vintage style shoes

city slicker, the artyologist, vintage style feathered hat