Gingham and a Tiny Teacup


wearing a gingham skirt and a navy t-shirt paired with a cognac leather tote standing outside beside a flowering lilac hedge

I’m ready for a miniature tea party in my new gingham wrap skirt and tiny teacup necklace! After I took these photos I thought I really should have paired this outfit with my new basket purse, to lean into that picnic vibe. Oh well; I will make sure to wear it next time.

tiny teacup and saucer charm necklace

wearing a cinnamon coloured gingham wrap skirt paired with a navy top posing beside a lilac hedge in bloom

I sewed this skirt last September, which was rather late in the year, so I only wore it once before the weather changed, and never got pictures of it then.

I’ve had this fabric for over ten years, and was originally planning on making a shirtwaist dress out of it. However, over the years my body changed, and my ideas changed, and I never got around to actually drafting a pattern. And then sometimes the longer you have a piece of fabric earmarked for a project, the more you realize that you want to make something different out of it. This happened to a few pieces of fabric in my stash last year when I did colour draping and discovered that some of my favourite fabrics weren’t my best colours. Not all of them were bad, but this one (and a coordinating calico that I bought at the same time) were much too warm for me. I had already made the calico into a dress that I didn’t like on me (it’s now a lovely apron!) so I knew that it was time for a change of plans for this gingham.

gingham wrap skirt waistband tie

While it was a bit of a “safe” choice, I settled on another wrap skirt, this time a 1/2 circle. I keep making these skirts (I now have four!) but they are just so easy to make, comfortable to wear and are adjustable. The reality is that in the summer my default uniform is a skirt and a t-shirt, so that’s what is practical for me to spend my time making. That’s not to say that I don’t have plans to sew other things as well, but for this fabric, a 1/2 circle skirt was the perfect quick, easy and useful thing to make. I cut the skirt in one 1/2 circle piece, added another 1/4 circle piece for the wrap underneath and finished it off with a simple tie waistband. It only took a couple of days, and I now I’ve got another piece of fabric out of my stash and into my closet!

For this outfit I paired it with a navy t-shirt, leather tote bag, flats and a teacup necklace. My Gramma gave me these charms, which I think were from the craft store beading section and I simply threaded them onto two chain necklaces. I like wearing them on two chains, although they do tangle, so sometimes I just wear the teacup and skip the saucer.

delft blue and white miniature teacup and saucer necklace

a portrait surrounded by bright purple lilac blooms

The lilac blooms were stunning this year, especially compared to last year’s tiny blooms that came in the middle of a hot and dry spell, although this year they fully opened right in the midst of a rainy week. Even though this might not have been the most colour coordinated outfit to go with the purples (blogger problems!) I was glad to be able to catch some outfit pictures right at the end before they started fading.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

bright purple lilac blooms

a portrait surrounded by light purple lilac blooms

holding a cognac leather tote bag, paired with a gingham wrap skirt and navy tshirt, walking beside a flowering lilac hedge

a navy t-shirt paired with a miniature teacup and saucer necklace

single dark purple lilac bloom surrounded by leaves