Helping the Cangiano’s

help the cangiano's

Sometimes you just hear things that make your heart hurt.

This past Saturday, I heard the terrible news that one of my friends, Jessica (of the blog Chronically Vintage, whom I have guest posted for before) lost her home and all of it’s contents in a fire last Thursday. They were only able to get out with a purse, their phones, the clothes on their backs, and their dog (sadly, their cat perished in the fire). I can’t even imagine the hurt that they must be feeling now. Even though we can tell ourselves, “It’s just stuff”, in reality it is so much more than “just stuff”. It is a lifetime that you have been building, and has suddenly been taken away from you. I know that it will be tremendously difficult time for them, as they face rebuilding their lives.

I know that many of my fellow vintage readers will have heard of the news already, but in case you haven’t, I wanted to let all of my readers know so we can keep the Cangiano’s in our prayers, and in our thoughts. There is a facebook page, and a youcaring page set up, in the event that you would like to help them in some way too. Let’s help the Cangiano’s rebuild!