Shades of Pink Peonies

four varieties of pink peonies in a white vase

I’ve been spending most of my time taking care of my mom’s garden over the past few weeks, (as she’s on holiday) and we are now entering into a heat wave, so I have not been spending much time on projects of a creative nature, or on outfit posts to share here.

However, I have been getting up early to go out and appreciate the flowerbeds before it heats up for the day, and today I gathered a bouquet of several varieties of peonies. It’s too hot to enjoy them outside, so it was time to bring the beauty inside. We have five varieties of peonies and they are planted in various locations with different conditions, so they all bloom at slightly different times, which is nice since it extends the season. In this bouquet I have what I believe is a white and dark pink centre Festiva Maxima, a medium pink variety of which I do not know the name, a Raspberry Sundae which is yellow fading to pink, and finally a Sarah Bernhardt pale pink variety.

Which is your favourite?

closeup of sarah bernhardt pale pink peony

raspberry sundae peony, sarah bernhardt peony and festiva maxima peony

rasberry sundae, festiva maxima and sarah bernhardt peonies in a white vase