Social Saturday | January 14

sun shining through frost covered trees

Happy Saturday, Dear Reader.

Here we are, well into the New Year by now…have you gotten used to writing “twenty twenty-three” yet? It always takes me a while! Here are some of the things I’ve been up to lately.

a sketchbook page with illustrations and new years goals on it

Do you make goals or resolutions for the New Year? While of course we can create resolutions at any time, there is something nice about turning the page and starting fresh, isn’t there? I drew some illustrations of my goals this year and hung them above my desk so I am more likely to look at them…. and hopefully remember them!

One of the biggest goals I have for this year is to create routines. I finally, after many years, created a good morning routine in 2022, so I’d like to extend that to other areas in my life. Things such as intentionally stopping in the afternoon and having “teatime” rather than always having a cup at my desk as I work, or unplugging an hour before bed and using that time to read and journal. I want to create simple, but flexible, routines that have a big impact when done consistently.

Another plan for this year, is reading all of the books on my list!  I always have a never ending TBR list, but then never actually get around to reading those books… so I have pulled all of the unread ones off my bookshelf and sat them on my nightstand, compiled a list of 16 books that have been on my list for a while, purchased the ones that are not available at the library, and finally put in a few requests through the library. I hope to read more than 16 books this year, so once I get through that list I will add more, but at least this way, I won’t have any 1/2 finished ones taunting me, and as soon as I finish one book, I can dive straight into another.

Another project I’ve been working on lately, is my hard drive. I have mentioned this “to-do” in past years, but this truly is the year! I’ve made some good progress already organizing my photos and folders. My goal is to finally get some photo books printed, so I’ve been busy organizing and sorting. I love to organize physical spaces, but the digital realm is another story altogether….

floral and polka dot fabric covered sketchbook tied with velvet ribbon

Here are a few projects (in the physical realm) that I’ve made. I recovered this sketchbook using a tutorial by Miss Mustard Seed. (I used Mod Podge) I haven’t ever really liked this sketchbook, so I hope that recovering it will inspire me to use it more often. We’ll see…if not, then I will pass it on and use the recovering techniques I learned from this one for another journal or sketchbook.

bouquet of flowers embroidered necklace

I also made a tiny embroidered necklace over Christmas…I made my sister one last Christmas and it took me an entire year to get around to making one for myself. I’ve got a couple more frames left; hopefully it doesn’t take me an entire year to make another!

floral wax seal with a wooden handle and a pair of forged scissors

Though tools are supposed to be utile, isn’t it so much nicer when you have pretty ones? I received these lovely iron scissors and a wax seal kit for Christmas. I haven’t used the wax seals yet, so I think it’s time I wrote some letters. And the scissors are so cute; I’ve always loved this style and shape. They are from Wicker and White Co. on Etsy.

Well, that’s pretty much all for this week. Oh, and I took this photo below one morning as the sun was coming up and tinting the frosty trees pink. Paired with the blue shadows, it was a stunning pastel ombre effect. I’m so glad to live in a world where there are beautiful scenes like this.

Hope your week was excellent and that your weekend is even better ❤︎

pink tinted frosty trees as the sun comes up