Social Saturday | January 23

a wooden pegrack with vintage purses and a lace blouse hanging on it

Happy Saturday and welcome to a new little series here on the blog. I was thinking the other day about how I miss having a place to post all of the “everydayish” sorts of photos and things I am working on, (now that I am no longer on social media) so I have decided to introduce a new series called “Social Saturday” kind of like the “Life Lately” posts I used to do. It will be a quick little round-up of what I am up to, the photos I take and any posts I have read during the week. Just because I’m no longer on social media, is no reason I still can’t be social here.

a country lane covered with snowy on a cloudy day

We’ve been having such warm weather lately, strange for January, that we’ve been taking advantage of it and going for country walks. It’s supposed to turn cold this weekend though. I guess all good things come to an end…

fabric from a sewing project with a pair of gold scissors and a tape measure and a photo of a pothos plant and little winter decoration on top of a shelf

Starting on a couple new sewing projects after a very long hiatus. It’s nice to get back in front of the sewing machine!

a stack of books tied up in brown paper and twine

I bought some books online, and the seller wrapped them up in recycled brown paper and twine- so lovely!

vintage style leather purse

And, the week ended on a happy note, when the purse I bought online finally arrived! It took two months to arrive from Ukraine, but it was well worth the wait…I’ll do a big reveal in an outfit post soon!

I hope your Saturday is going well, and that you have a great weekend!