Social Saturday | January 30

desk top with laptop and journal laid out

Here we are already at Saturday! This week was a busy one for me finalizing details to get my shop up and running, and I’m not completely done yet, but am looking forward to a more relaxing weekend.

I enjoyed this post by Lauren of Wearing History about why sewing your own clothing costs more sometimes. I like her perspective, as she has experience as a home sewist as well as someone who has gone into clothing production.

I saw this week, that one of the founders of Fashion Revolution, Orsola de Castro, is releasing a book “Loved Clothes Last: How the Joy of Rewearing and Repairing Your Clothes Can Be a Revolutionary Act”. It looks interesting!

white and pink amaryllis and pink angel wing begonia bloom

In other news sister’s Angel Wing Begonia is blooming! And my mom’s Amaryllis has been blooming as well- with so many more buds set to open!

the other bennet sister book and a cup of tea

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I got “The Other Bennet Sister” by Janice Hadlow and have been enjoying it immensely! If you are a Jane Austen fan, or really even a fan of historical fiction, then I think you will like this one. I haven’t finished it yet, but that’s one of my plans for this weekend.

Well, that’s all that’s going on around here…how are you planning to fill your weekend?

Happy Saturday!