Social Saturday | November 20

first snow of 2021

It’s Winter! Well, not officially on the calendar, but we did get our first snow this week. It was strange to have made it all the way to the middle of November without even a small bit of snow, but when it finally did come on Monday- it came in full force.

Since my last social Saturday post, I did finish my bedroom, and have moved in. I’m only sharing a sneak peek of that, because I want to do a full room tour eventually, once I’ve got pictures up etc.

new crafting room and bedroom

This past week I also created my studio space in what was my previous bedroom. The room is going to house my work computer, art desk, and sewing supplies. I hung some shelves up on the wall above my desk to hold (most) of my personal supplies. I thought this would be enough shelf space, but honestly I could have used another one! Maybe that’s an indication that I am involved in too many kinds of projects and artwork?

Well, I think I’m going to spend today in that room, trying to move in more of the sewing supplies while also doing a bit of a reorganization. Maybe I’ll even get some time later to do a bit of creative work!

I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you have planned. ❤︎