Sunday Style: Easter Bonnet

the artyologist image of vogue 1044 in front of school

Easter Sunday dawned with clear blue skies, a bright shining sun, and a cool breeze, and it was perfect: as we couldn’t very well have bad weather on Easter Sunday, could we? It was a perfect chance for the “sundresses” I keep wanting to wear, we didn’t even wear coats, and had to wear sunglasses as it was so bright!

the artyologist image of vogue 1044 on steps, no sunglasses, easter sunday

I made this dress from a Vogue 1044 reproduction pattern. I love how so many of the pattern companies have reissued their vintage patterns, as it is an easy way to get an authentic vintage look without having actual vintage- although, half of this dress was actually made from vintage material.

This dress might just squeak in under the “make do” section of “make do and mend”. The bodice and skirt of this dress were made of different fabrics, although they match so closely it would seem they were made to go together! The bodice is made of a pinstriped remnant of fabric my mom had left over from the 70’s, and the skirt is made of new eyelet material I purchased several years ago. I (foolishly) didn’t purchase enough of the material to do much of anything with, but was just able to squeeze the bodice pattern on the other remnant, and then use the entire piece of the new material for the skirt. It turned out well, and made a great Easter Sunday dress, paired with my off-white straw hat and thrifted rattan purse.

easter bonnet, shoes the artyologist


the artyologist image of franco sarto shoes and bamboo purse artistic

easter bonnet, outfit, the artyologist


the artyologist image of corner stone of school

theartyologist image of vintage vogue 1044 easter dress and white sunglasses sitting on steps of school

the artyologist image of school building and steps 1950's vintage vogue 1044 easter outfit

the artyologist image of franco sarto shoes, vintage rattan purse and white sunglasses

the artyologist image of vintage 1950's easter bonnet with white sunglasses and pearls