Today Brought to You by the 1920’s

image of 1920's vintage finger waves, the artyologist

Some days you get up and you just have to do 1920’s finger waves.

Well, actually back up a bit to a week ago to when I was getting my hair trimmed, and my stylist asked me whether I had ever tried finger waves before, since I like vintage styles, and she thought that my hair would be long enough now to do them. I have tried them, a few times before when my hair was bobbed, (see photographic evidence below), and the news that my hair is now long enough to DO something with, was a great revelation!

image of 1920's finger waves, the artyologist

So, I decided to try finger waves again, and I was very surprised when they actually turned out nicely, considering that I haven’t had practice with them for over two years! Finger waves are tricky, but so worth it when they turn out. My hairdresser told me that to graduate from hairdressing school you actually have to be able to style finger waves, but she was so bad at it she faked it with a curling iron! 🙂 That’s OK though, as that would be more like a Marcel wave, which was also of the era, and no one would probably know the difference anyway, except all of us vintage lovers.

image of 1920's finger waves in progress clips, the artyologist

I could only get two waves, and they turned out rather like an Eton crop, since my hair is still rather short, but they lasted fairly well, as I got two days out of them. (That may have also had something to do with the amount of hairspray I used. . . )

Of course a hairstyle like this just demands a dark, smoky eye and a small red rosebud lip too. Well, it was rather fun to style my hair again in a period appropriate style, and I have clips in my hair right now too, since the last go was so fun, I thought I’d try it again!

Oh and if you are keen to try them yourself, here is the finger wave tutorial I used, except I did not pin curl my hair first and did it straight from wet.

image of finger waves 1920's vintage, the artyologist