Vintage Avon Flea Market Finds & That Evening Glow

the artyologist image of evening sunshine

One of the most beautiful times of day, is at the end of it, when the sun is setting and it creates that beautiful evening glow. It was just so last Thursday, when we took these pictures. It kind of wreaked havoc on the photo-taking, since it was so bright– and I was trying desperately not to squint, but oh well- it was a gorgeous day nonetheless, and the photos we did manage to get have a lovely golden tint to them.

the artyologist image of vintage 1950's outfit with vera pelle purse

Last Thursday was our local community garage sale. I had never attended before, but had heard good things about it, and although I was hoping to come away with a lot of great flea market finds, I only found a few. Unfortunately there were no clothes at the sale, so I wasn’t really expecting to find much great vintage stuff, but I did find these three cute clutches.

the artyologist image of vintage clutches and avon makeup set

I really don’t know why I love clutches so much since they are so impractical for my life, since I never go out in the evening, and tiny purses don’t hold anything. Maybe I have this deep seated desire to be that woman who goes to all the ritzy clubs each night in my diamonds and furs and dances the night away, like every movie from the 50’s tells us life is like. And then I realize that I do not live that life- but I keep compulsively buying clutches anyways. . .

the artyologist image of golden glow and vintage black evening clutch

Anyways, I had recently been thinking that I would love to find a black evening bag, and now I’ve found it! It is not vintage, but it is a great classic style, so maybe if I do ever go out in the evening, I’ll be able to use it.

the artyologist image of vintage avon instant mocha lipstick and compact set

The gold clutch and the polka dot glitter rose gold case are vintage though. And even better- the dotted glitter purse is a vintage Avon make-up set including the original untouched powder compact and lipstick. I can’t find much information out about this set, unfortunately. The lipstick colour is Avon Products Montreal “Instant Mocha”, and the compact is only labeled Avon Products New York. The best I can discover is that it is from the 1970’s. 40 year old lipstick anyone? Haha- I think I’ll stick with my new stuff, and leave the vintage love for clothes!

the artyologist image of vintage avon instant mocha lipstick and compact set

the artyologist image of vintage style outfit and vera pelle purse

the artyologist vintage gold evening bag