Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist

The surest way to get a snowstorm, is for me to plan a blog photoshoot. So, if you have plans on a certain day, just make sure I haven’t planned blog photos- because we will get the biggest snowstorm of the year. (Or a windstorm, or a rainstorm, or a blindingly hot day if it is summer.)

I kid you not; I have been wanting to do photographs of this outfit since December, and every time I’ve attempted to, an abnormal weather phenomenon has occurred. Mostly in the form of snow. Yes, this is Canada, after all, but it’s not always the land of ice and snow . . . it seems to save that for when you have plans to go and do something! Two weeks ago we had what was I hope our last major snowstorm of the year, since we are very ready for Spring to start showing up around here. Thus, this past Saturday, I finally managed to get photographs (which my sister kindly took for me) since, it is getting a bit too warm for this coat and I wanted pictures before I can’t wear it anymore. Far be it from me to complain about the sunshine, but it does mean it is time to put this coat aside for the season, which is kind of sad.

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist, coat

This is my favourite vintage piece, an Astra Fur from 1967, which is slightly reminiscent of wearing a carpet. (See this post to find out how I can date it so precisely!) I realized when I wore it on Saturday, that the lining is starting to shatter, and the faux fur fabric is starting to pull apart. When you hold it up to the light, it’s starting to look similar to a Swiss cheese 🙁 Wearing vintage can be very fun, but it also means taking a chance on wearing something that has perhaps seen better days; after all, nothing lasts forever, even if it has been taken care of. Part of me wondered, fleetingly, if I should continue wearing this coat, but then I remembered that this is my absolute favourite coat, and I don’t wear it often, but when I do, I enjoy it so much. While I want to keep things forever, and I do take care of my garments, ultimately I want to wear them and love them; not have a closet that is actually a museum full of things you can look at, but can’t touch. Where do you draw the line between wanting to preserve something, but also recognizing that it’s still just clothing?

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist, boots and jeans

Anyways, getting back to the outfit; to be honest, I don’t actually like wearing jeans, as I don’t find them to be particularly comfortable. However, the one combination that I love is vintage fur and denim! The first time I ever saw a fur coat paired with jeans was on The Sartorialist back in the day (was it really actually 10 years ago?!?!?!?)

I absolutely loved it, but never worked up the courage to wear it myself until only a few years ago. Now that I have moved to town and walk almost everywhere, I have worn this combination several times. Walking around town, especially in the winter when there is lots of snow and ice, requires sturdy boots, which go so well with jeans. I love the contrast of the “proper” fur coat, with very casual denim. And, the best thing about this coat is that it looks so fancy that I don’t have to dress up underneath, when I’m running errands, because it hides everything under it 😉 To finish off my outfit, my go-to is this cross body purse and, when it’s cold, a beret and scarf. This is just my sort of easy vintage modern mix: practical and yet still a bit fancy. Because, I like things to be extra fancy. This outfit is a bit of an anomaly from my usual style, and yet it’s nice to mix things up sometimes, isn’t it?

Do you have any fragile vintage garments that you can’t give up wearing? Do you like to pair modern pieces with vintage ones?

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist, coat

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist, purse detail

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist

Vintage Modern Mix: Astra Fur & Denim, the artyologist, purse detail 2