Spring Cottage Bedroom Refresh

Amber glass bottles with feathers in them, sitting on top of three antique books

After I took down my Christmas decor, I left my room blank for a while. Aside from hanging a Valentine garland, it’s been rather spartan. It was nice to have a visual rest with blank surfaces for a while, but finally I felt the desire to put a bit of spring decor out.

glass and brass box with moss and a birds nest inside it

I found this glass and gold box last week on clearance, which was lovely since I’ve been looking for one for about a year now. I saw Sarah of She Holds Dearly has a box that she uses for seasonal decor. I loved the idea and decorated it with a little nest and eggs and moss for spring.

shelf styled with hats, purses, jewelry and spring decor, with a gallery wall above it

three antique books in brown, cream and green stacked together

I also received these beautiful vintage books from a friend who was decluttering, the colours work so well for this time of year. I love old books, but I usually only find ones with red covers in the thrift stores, and I don’t really decorate with red, so it’s nice to have some in other colours. The amber bottles worked perfectly to hold some feathers.

pink tulips and a stack of three antique books with bottles on the top

I already shared a sneak peek on the weekend of these beautiful tulips. I never get tired of tulips. I didn’t keep the bouquet in my bedroom, but just styled them on my dresser for a few pictures.

pink tulips in a crystal vase sitting on an antique dresser

jewelry, a straw hat and perfumes on a tray on top of an antique dresser

I’ve also shared a picture of my new quilt before; it’s the perfect colour for spring (though I’ve been using it all winter!), and I love how it pairs with the Battenberg lace pillows. I’d thought of going with blue and white for this room, but somehow that seemed too cold. The green is the perfect balance.

laura ashley green and white floral cottage style quilt with lace pillows

Spring is in the air, Dear Readers. I hope you’re enjoying it!

tulips and a glass box with a nest and moss inside

top of shelf with a jewelry stand, books, amber bottles and a nest

necklace stand on top of a shelf and a green and white floral quilt paired with lace pillows

bouquet of pink tulips in a crystal vase

pink tulips against a white beadboard background